img_7944I’ve been fascinated by second hand stuff all my life. My close family calls it “hoarding”, but you and I both know that’s just another word for “collecting”.

I always felt connected to another time and felt the obligation to preserve shreds of history somehow, even if that was by inviting a homeless chair to sit at my table or welcoming an outdated picture to hang in a place of prominence on my living room wall.  Everyday antique and vintage cast-offs have a way of creating feelings, ambiance. That’s the stuff I can’t get enough of.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed decorating with unique flea market, tag sale and secondhand treasures. I’ve learned some amazing things and met some remarkable people along the way. That’s what I’d like to share with you here.

I’m Marcy Wall- wife, mother, and owner of Wallbury Estate Sale Company in Bella Vista, Arkansas.